Jazzercise Cambourne

It is in the Bag Summer Challenge to Start on 10 June

One of the many reasons to be excited for summer is our upcoming summer game! The Game board is shown below.

The aim is to attend as many classes as you can from now until the 15th of August in an effort to mark off all the words

In each of our classes we will be randomly pulling a word to be marked off of your game board. For every 5 words you mark off your name will be entered in a prize draw for the chance to win the awesome tote bag below. Get all 30 words and you’ll be guaranteed to earn the the bag! Three Wild Cards are also included to help you achieve the feat!

We wish you good luck! See you on the dance floor!

It's in the bag. Summer Challenge. Jazzercise Cambourne

It's in the Bag. Jazzercise Cambourne