Jazzercise Cambourne

MyFitPro Support Tips

  • Turn off all devices using your WiFi if at all possible. You can scan for devices with an app called Network Radar (Google Home, Amazon Echo, printers, phones, Roku etc.)
  • Close all open tabs on your computer/phone/tablet...whatever device you are using to watch the class.
  • Remember to hit the play button (triangle in the bottom left corner).
  • Make sure your operating system is up to date on the device you stream from.
  • iPads/tablets older than 2013 will not work with this streaming platform (although a fix might be available - tbc).
  • Chrome is the best browser to use but if using Safari, it must be at least version 12. Microsoft Explorer won't work, use Microsoft Edge.
  • Turn your device on Do Not Disturb and/or Airplane Mode.
  • If there are buffering issues, switch browsers to see which works best (Chrome/Edge/Firefox etc.)
  • If the feed is freezing after refreshing, try moving the play bar back a little on the bottom of the screen (it follows the play button). You'll have to repeat a small section of the routine, but it should help with the bitrate catch-up.
  • If you're still having issues, please get in touch!