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Sleigh It Forward - December Challenge

Wrap yourself in good health and good deeds this festive holiday season. The Sleigh It Forward bingo game offers 14 ways in 14 days to get healthy and spread cheer. So, get sweaty, get giving, and sleigh it!

Complete one row on your Sleigh It Forward Bingo Card during the next 14 days for your chance to win exclusive access to a special edition holiday class Shanna Claus all the way from the USA!

Winners of the Sleigh It Forward challenge will earn FREE attendance to our special edition online holiday class starring Shanna Claus herself (and maaaaybe some elves)! This Sleigh It class will stream from the Jazzercise Inc. platform – free for winners and the class time will be 2:30pm, Saturday 18th December 2021.

To register - message me asap to take part in the challenge and I will email you your bingo card.