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New Class Names!

MAJOR update! In an effort to better represent our offerings, we’re renaming our
classes 🤩
The goal of these changes is to help people know what to expect when choosing a class. We also hope to better inform those new to Jazzercise about what our program is and
what it will do for them. Your specially trained instructors are the experts in these benefits, so you’re in good hands ❤ Without further ado, meet your new class names
Cardio Sculpt (formerly Dance Mixx and Interval Dance Mixx): Feel lighter, stronger and happier after high-intensity, dance-based cardio followed by strength training and stretching.
Power Sculpt (formerly Fusion and Interval Fusion): Fire up your metabolism in this HIIT class that combines high-intensity dance-based cardio with intervals of targeted strength work. Finish with concentrated strength training.
Sculpt (formerly Strength 60 and Flip Fusion): Build lean muscle in this strength training class. You’ll squat, push-up and plank your way to total-body wellness with routines that sculpt and tone every muscle in your body.
***You’ll still see low impact classes designated on the schedule where offered, and Stretch will remain a separate format.
We can’t wait to sculpt, sweat and smile with you! Keep an eye out for these new class names on your local studio schedule from tomorrow.