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Describe yourself as an instructor - I'm Gary, and I have been taking Jazzercise classes since 2017 and love keeping fit and dancing. My passion and focus is helping people change their lives to achieve their fitness goals in the simplest and most realistic way possible with Jazzercise. I chose to become a Jazzercise instructor in 2020 because I believe everyone deserves the right to good health and be happy with themselves inside and out, and for me, Jazzercise has been the main factor in my journey and now I want to share this with others.

Teaching since - Qualified as an Instructor on 15 April 2020, and Owner at Jazzercise Cambourne and Hardwick since end of 2020.

Jazzercising since- 2017

Day Job - Tractors & HR

Kids/ Pets -  I have three adorable fur babies, a rescued domestic long haired cat from Battersea, his name is Bow and he is 18 years old, full of life and acts like a kitten, a Blue British Short Hair, his name is HRH Prince Harry the cat and he is 13 years old and too posh for his own good, and our youngest fur baby son is Misneach, (pro-nouned Mish-noc – which is Irish and means ‘Courage’) he is just turning 1 years old and just loves to play.

Other Hobbies - Playing the piano, violin and guitar, and travelling to amazing countries around the world, steeped in history and rich in culture. I also love horse riding, walking, gardening, socialising with friends, family and parties!

What got you into Jazzercise?  The previous owner Dana introduced Jazzercise at my old workplace, and a few of us got hooked, in fact Niki. J was one! Since then we clearly love it as we are both Instructors now.

Something Unique - Apart from my love and passion for Jazzercise! My other passion in life is cars. I have owned over 70 cars since passing my driving test in 1997, some have been classics like an 1984 Volkswagen Jetta, or a first release 1981 5 door Range Rover Classic, I have owned classic Austin, Citroen, Fiat, Opel Kadet, Vauxhall, Ford, Jaguar, Audi, Land Rover, you name it, I have owned it! Currently on the lookout for my next project!

Fav Class Format - Absolutely cannot beat Sculpt strength classes, but to get the blood really flowing... you should try out my Cardio Sculpt classes!



Describe yourself as an instructor - My motivation to become an instructor is that I strongly believe in lifestyle medicine, with exercise being at the core of this. So I aim to make my classes as friendly and accessible as possible to anyone looking for a low impact form of exercise, giving modifications if you need it.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? Smiley with long legs!

Teaching since - October 2019

Jazzercising since - The addiction started in 2016!

Day Job - I coordinate a research study of a rare childhood bone disease alongside some freelance and voluntary work. I'm a scientist at heart.

Kids/Pets - One daughter.

Other hobbies - Photography, crafting, history of medicine and holidaying in Wales.

What got you into Jazzercise? I needed to find an exercise I could stick at to help my lungs; I saw an advert for Jazzercise, tried it and was addicted from the first class! It only took me 37 years to find a form of exercise I really love!

Something unique – I have served canapes to Sir Terence English, the surgeon who performed the first successful heart transplant in the UK.

Fav Class Format - I love it all but I’d say Lo Cardio Sculpt if I had to choose.

Dana Rowe

Describe yourself as an instructor – I am an educator at heart, so my goal is to always cue as much as possible, to help ensure success. Whether you do high or low impact, I will help you find your dancing feet, all whilst doing my best to motivate you to join me as I whoop and sing terribly! We are in this together after all.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? They say I am great at giving each student options to work to their own level.

Teaching since - 2005

Jazzercising since - 2001

Kids/Pets - Lucy the Boston Terrier

Other hobbies - When I’m not Jazzercising, I enjoy traveling, walking the dog and honestly just sitting on the couch and watching TV with my hubby! Down time is precious!

What got you into Jazzercise? My mom had a VHS, that I used to do every now and again (Yes VHS, Jazzercise has been around that long), but what really sealed the deal was when I drove past a Jazzercise fitness centre in Annapolis, Maryland and thought it looked like so much fun. They had so many different class formats and a constant refresh of new routines, that I found a fitness programme that wasn’t boring and forced me to switch everything else off, as I focused on the moves.

Something unique – I was born 2 ½ months early so weighed only 2lbs 11 oz at birth, so was a bit of a miracle baby.

Fav Class Format -  I love the variety of our classes, so no real favourites, but I am currently enjoying our new stretch format as restorative option in the mix.


Describe yourself as an instructor - I am passionate about creating a safe space for people to come and workout in. Everyone needs a place they can switch off for an hour or so and dance their stresses away. I would say I am energetic, professional and funny (although my children and hubby may disagree with the funny bit).

Teaching since - 2012

Jazzercising since- 2001

Day Job - One to one TA in a secondary school.

Kids/ Pets -  I have two children, a nearly fifteen year old son (Isaac) and one thirteen year old daughter (Eva).

What got you into Jazzercise?  My sister in law asked me to come along to Jazzercise at St.Bedes in Cambridge with her and I fell in love with it straight away.

Fav Class Format - On the days I teach Cardio sculpt, it’s my fav and on the days I teach Power Sculpt, that’s my fav…basically all Jazzercise formats are my fav ;-)


Describe yourself as an instructor - I hope to bring lots of energy and fun to my classes and lots of hip shakes! I want to challenge myself and customers with cool new routines and share my love of Jazzercise with you all!

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? Hopefully they’ll be good things, I want customers to have fun whilst working out.

Teaching since - Newly qualified May 2023

Jazzercising since - 2017

Day Job - Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator specialising in Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis research studies. I love my job!

Other Hobbies - I love travel, exploring new countries and their cities finding beautiful hidden gems. I also love art and printmaking, I have a degree in Fine Art, and music of course! Electronic dance music, love love love!

What got you into Jazzercise?  After University I wanted to get fit and lose weight. I loved the routines and new music at Jazzercise and it was a fun workout. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming, I couldn’t stop coming back again and again!

Something Unique - I speak Danish

Fav Class Format - Cardio Sculpt with a hint of kickboxing


Describe yourself as an instructor -  I love to laugh, so I try to make my classes as much fun as possible….laughter is also a stealthy ab workout! But I also like to make sure everyone is getting the most out of class, so I try to add that extra layer of instruction to keep everyone working hard, but also working safely.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor? Our customers say my classes are fun but hard. There is nothing I love more than hearing the groan from floor when we are working parts of our body we forgot we had! I also love a good misheard lyric, and also an air instrument, and you will find definitely find a lot of these in my classes, all adds to the fun. And when you are in your car, and that song comes on, and you are transported back to class singing that misheard lyric – that connection just makes customers want to come back time and time again.

Teaching since - October 2019

Jazzercising since - 2017

Day Job - By day I am a Purchasing Manager. I look after a team of 5 buyers, sourcing electronic components and mechanical parts from all over the world, but mostly from the far east. So I do get to travel with my job, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan.....but generally it is all airports and meeting rooms, so not as glam as it sounds.

Kids/Pets - I have a daughter, Annabel, who is now at University in Leeds studying Creative Advertising. I have 2 dogs, Vernon and Ethel. They are my fur babies!! And 2 chickens, Hilda & Evadne – they are rescue hens who have a happy life scratching round the garden, still laying each day.

Other hobbies - Dog walking, reading, running, lots of DIY & gardening (our renovation project is endless), flying and boating.

What got you into Jazzercise? colleague at my previous company asked if anyone would be interested in a taster session. Dana and Gemma came to our office and gave us a taster class......and I have been hooked since.

Something unique - I have a pilot’s licence, and when the good old British weather permits, my husband and I fly around the UK for tea and cake at other airfields.

Fav Class Format - I love to dance, but I am also a dedicated strength girl, so I would say Power Sculpt definitely hits the spot for me.


Describe yourself as an instructor - I like to challenge myself and my customers with new routines and varied movements but only enough to keep us all on our toes without getting too lost.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor?  Friendly and professional with a hint of humour especially when it gets tough!

Teaching since - September 2018

Jazzercising since - I originally started Jazzing many years ago, had a break when I got married and had kids then got back into it. Didn’t realise how much I missed it until I came back!

Day Job - I am a Sports Massage therapist and carry out admin for a local estate agency.

Kids/ Pets - 2 kids and a very handsome dog (I’m not biased, I promise)

Other Hobbies - I love to read, socialise, chill and spend as much time in my garden as the weather allows.

What got you into Jazzercise? My Mum! We’ve always Jazzed together- now she’s my customer cheering me on from the back row.

Something Unique - I grew up dancing and once auditioned for the Royal Ballet, I also danced with Paul Daniels.

Fav Class Format - Cardio Sculpt

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